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One Piece & Front Surround Description and Installation

 Feature vehicle: 88-98 Chevy Tilt w / molded in Indy Cowl scoop.

 Front Ends

 Headlight blanks often require opening to install  the light bowl and trim. The units do come with mold flashing - which must be sanded and fared in before preparing for paint. 
The interior finish is Fiberglass texture coated in black lacquer. They come without wheel wells. These unit generally only weigh between 50# to 80# +/- . 


Front End Descriptions

We offer the largest selections of front ends - Any where!

 One piece front end offer many advantages. Most importantly, Easy Engine Access!  They are perfect for header and spark plug access - engine swaps...etc....  Think about this the next time you are working on your vehicle - how great it would be if you didn't have to  climb over those fenders to get to your motor.  Less weight is an other important factor that most individuals don't think about. Lightening up your vehicle means better economy and performance - if you think we are kidding try bolting a spare set of cylinders heads to your front bumper and you'll see just what front end weight will do to your handling.  With a glass front end you can save anywhere from 50 to 150 pounds. Remember, less front end weight means better weight transfer, better economy, better gas mileage & heck that's better for the environment.

 One Piece Front Ends: are simply the entire one piece unit only, properly braced and supported for lift off use or a hinge mechanism of your own design. No hinge kit is supplied with this unit.

 One Piece Front Ends w/o Hood: generally bolt directly to your existing firewall and radiator support. They require the use of a lift off hood.

Removable One Piece Front Ends

 One Piece Front ends can be installed in various ways.  Listed below are a few basic ideas.....

 The easiest is to Pin or Dzus fasten the front end to your vehicle - attaching it at the core support, firewall and lower fender sections.

 A good idea the customer below came up with - was to use fish mouth tubing - a large piece mounted to the frame rail and a somewhat smaller one glassed to the front end itself.  When sliding the front end on it not only self aligns it secure the front end and fasteners are only needed in the rear.


 Easy On Fish Mouth Design............


 Tilting One Piece Front Ends
 Most of the work to tilt a full fendered front end can be accomplished at the drawing table. First you will need a photo of the side of the vehicle. then draw an outline of its' front end on tracing paper.  Cut the outline drawing and lay it over the photo.  With the use of a pin, determine where the hinge placement should be (The pin acting as the hinging point.)  be sure that your paper model when tilting, does not have the fender hitting the tire or the grill hitting the ground.

 To get more lift and clearance while tilting, a double hinge can be fabricated and used.  For either double or single hinges, you must start by fiberglassing a 1 x 1 steel bar into the front end, just above and in front of the hinge point location. Make sure, before glassing the bar in that a pad is welded on the end to make it more stable, and the fiberglass will hold it in place. 

 For single hinge mechanism - weld or bolt an other plate coming off of the frame rail and drill the 1/2" hole in the same location.  With the use of a 1/2" bolt & fiber lock nut ,as your hinge, the front end should pivot properly.  Whatever you do TAKE YOUR TIME! 

 For a double hinge mechanism
, weld an oval plate off of the bar in the front end (previously installed) angled down and behind the hinge point.  Cut an oval plate to bolt to the frame horn and add 2 stop bolts to limit the travel. Doing your best to make your assembly look like the animation to the right. It is best to use stainless steel bolts and cotter pin type lock nuts, for a secure installation...and again whatever you do TAKE YOUR TIME!


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